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Friday, January 26, 2007

Two Rides. Wait. Make that walks.

The last two rides at the Woodlot haven't been anything to write home about.

A few weeks ago, Dean, Dave, and I decided to hike up Cabin Trail for a snow ride. Well, the snow was brutal. Frozen. Just generally yucky. Unless the trail was pointed almost straight down, we had to walk. Walking all the way up was bad. Walking more than halfway down SUCKED ASS!

Snakes was in good shape so we got to ride most of it, but I wasn't feeling it on this day because of the crappy upper part of the ride. We rode out Shotgun and headed home.

This past weekend Dean and I decided we'd go to the top in search of a trail we know is there, but have never seen. We found 21/2 ft of snow instead. It was deep. The last 400 meters of our climb were tough. We had to carry our bikes. Again, just as the last time we were up there, we had to walk our bikes down. We couldn't ride until we got to Lower Toadstool. Over halfway down the hill. While riding Lower Toadstool, we ran into Denise and Gregg building a nice ladder ride halfway down the trail. It will have a mini drop on the end. They are doing some SWEET work on that trail and have improved it ten fold. We chatted for a bit, then went on our way. Maybe we should have stayed chatting. We got to the bottom of the trail and I noticed my bike was a little squishy. After some fiddling around it was determined that my rear shock was blown. WONDERFUL! A nice $200 expense coming. Wahoooooo!

I nursed her down Shotgun to the truck and headed home. At least Dean had a sweet last half of the ride.

A couple of days later at work, I got a call from Dean. Him and I have been trying for the RCMP over the last little bit. Dean has been going through the BGI and finally got the call on Tuesday. He is set to go to Depot on the 4th of February. Goin' to the Pig Farm. Congratulations buddy!

I will miss my friend.

Who will Mr. Woodlot ride with now?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I need to ride

Happy New Year to all of Mr. Woodlot's faithful readers. I love you all!

I need to ride.

Looks like Saturday morning at the Woodlot with Dave and his wif. Good times.