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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Beer, puke, and Sugar.

This past weekend Dean and I decided to head up to Sun Peaks and check it out. We left Maple Ridge at around 5pm on Friday and off we went.

We got to Sun Peaks at around 10pm. Checked in to the hotel and got cleaned up a bit. We then hit the local bar scene for a few casuals. There wasn't many people in the village so we chatted with a friendly local girl and found the place to chill. Two hours and six beers each later, we headed back to the hotel. Passed out.

Up at 8am for a decent breakfast and then off to the lift for 10. We both felt like crap and had NASTY hangovers. Our first run from the top we hit Cat Trax and the much talked about Route 66. Cat Trax was fun, but Route 66 was nothing special. In my mind anyway. Second run we trekked over to the famous "Sugar" trail. This is a fun flowy not so steep trail with a lot of stunts on it. Before we can ride it though, Dean decides that some of the beer in his tummy needs to come out. He stopped on the side of the trail and went number 2. Needless to say, he felt better after. We rode the rest of Sugar and hit Arm Pump at the bottom.

About three runs later, we are heading back up. It's quiet so we both kind of fall asleep. ABout halfway up, my eyes pop open. Apparently it was my turn to get rid of some of the beer from the previous night. Except, it wasn't coming out the bottom. Off came the helmet and up went the chair bubble. Dean looked at me with a surprsied expression and couldn't believe what happend next. BLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I let her fly over the side of the chair. It was a big one. Luckily there was no one underneath the chair or anyone behind us to see what I was doing. As soon as I was done, I felt wicked. We got to the top, had lunch, resuced a kid and his bike from a bear, and continued on with our day.

Sweet One(so fun), Kaboom(cool), Smitty's Steeps(so steep), Insanity One(too steep), Honeydrop(crazy)are all SUPER fun trails. I can't wait to get back there next year. The only thing the place needs is a little more stunts. Not many, but a few.

No accidents to report and after the pukefest, the day was great.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Digger does good.

Dean, Tim, and I hit Cypress today. Not the old school Cypress steeps, but the new Bike Park.

We got there for the evening ride. 5pm to 8pm. Up we went. There isn't much there, but they are doing pretty good. In a few years they will be pretty sweet and will be a great alternative to Whistler and perfect for an after work ride. Lift access on the North Shore. You gotta love it!

No trail names except for two. The Trail with No Name which was so fun, and Old School. Tim ate it hard on Old School. Some sweet tables near the bottom that we all aird nicely. Good times at Cypress.

<- Here is me on the teeter on The Trail with No Name.