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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Day of Protest for the Teachers.

So the other day, after I put in a four hour picket shift at Burnaby city hall, Tim and I headed up to Seymore for a ride. Got to the CBC parking lot at around 11am. 14 degrees and sunny. It was magical.

First up was CBC. It had rained quite hard two days before so I figured the trail would be quite wet and tricky. It was in great shape. All the work that has been done on it over the summer has helped the trail out a lot. TheRob's skinny game was on, so I enjoyed the top two thirds of the trail. The bottom third doesn't do much for me though.

After CBC we decided that we would try to find Dirty Diapers. We ventured down TNT to the Cabin Trail where we got semi lost, and I suffered a big crash at the hands of the "Slow Motion Endo". I'm still sore typing this five days later. We did a bit of hiking around and eventually found DD about 45 minutes later. It was worth the wait. This is a fun trail. Some cool ladders. One 5-6ft dorp, and a huge fallen old growth cedar that has been turned into a log ride. Wicked trail.

It dumps you out on to Neds just after the first creek crossing. Us, not knwing how far down Neds in came out, parked at the Old Buck lot. That meant hike-a-bike up Neds. Not fun.
Next up was the new trail Salvation. It isn't done yet, but man are there some fun features on it. 10' high skinnies to a downhill log ride with a 6' gap at the end. Lovely.

On to Pingu/Pangor/Empress to end the day. By the time we got to the bottom the temp. had spiked to 22 degrees. Now you have to remember that this is the end of October. Unreal.
Good ride. Next up; Woodlot on Saturday. Who's coming?


Blogger no one said...

me is coming ..may i?

12:06 PM

Blogger Mr. Woodlot said...

Let me know when you fly into town and Mr. Woodlot will absolutely take you on a tour,

2:36 PM


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