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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Today Dean and I hit Whistler for the CrankWorx festival. We rode our bags off up on Garbonzo. We hardly even rode any of the bottom trails. Captain Safety, Original Sin, No Joke, Goats Gully, Freight Train, and my personal favorite line, Fatcrobat/Too Tight. So sweet.

On one of the runs down to the lower trails, we hit Upper Joyride. There is a raock face here that I have never hit before. Today I thought I'd try it. I started Ok, but didn't brake on the way down. At the bottom I got bucked and airborne. In the air my feet came off the pedals. At that point, I was just a passanger. I fly off the bike and land on the trail. I roll about 20ft and narrowly miss cracking my helmet on a rock jutting out of the dirt. Some serious damage done to the hands and head, but mostly, the pride. A

After about ten minutes of checking and regaining my breath, we head off again. Dean hit Clown Shoes and I went to the National DH course. Halfway down I decided that my head wasn't in good shape and I should walk a bit. I think I may have had a mikld concussion.

We stopped for a bit to watch the Slopestyle qualifying. Some things people do on bicycles these days is pretty incredible. We watched for an hour and started to ride again. I felt better at this point, but not great.

We ended the day at about 4:30 and hit the truck to tidy up. We went for dinner at the GLC, and then up the hil a bit to watch the 4Cross finals. There were some brilliant racers there with Steve Peat grabbing some SERIOUS air off the second to last table.

This was my last trip to Whistler for the year. I only rode it twice this summer. Hopefully more next year.