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Friday, November 11, 2005

Lest we forget.

It is Rememberence Day 2005. Time to remember our war heros and time for the Third Annual Rememberence Day Ride.

TheDude, Greenspringer and I were to hit Fromme for the third straight year. I needed to be home for the ceromonies at the cenetaph so we headed out EARLY. We met at Seymour's pub at 6am. We were parked, and climbing by 6:15. It was a good climb with lots of chatter, joking around, and good times. In the back of all of our minds though, were the vets. Without them, we may not be able to do something as simple as riding bikes. We all love to ride, and we have them to thank for it.

So, we got to the top of Pink Starfish at around 8:15. The plan was to go up to Oilcan, but I was running out of time. I told TD and G to keep going and I headed down PS. This trail is old school. Lot's of dorps to flat and some really cool stunts. A few dumb ones too. Today, riding alone, I was very tentative and avoided most of the big stuff. There are things on there I know I can do, but not until I'm riding with somebody.

After PS, I hit Upper Digger. The first ever trail built on Mt. Fromme. Way back in 1995 by the famous Digger. I enjoyed the trail and all it's natural beauty. There were some cool skinnies which Digger is famous for. They were low level too, so very good for anyone who wants to try them.

After Digger, I hit Boundry. The builder on Boundry is doing a wonderful job. The woodwork is great and the trail is a super fun rip. I bailed pretty good on one of the rolldowns. The wood was slick. I touched my front brake to control my speed and my tires just whipped out from under me. No harm done though. I cruised the rest, giving the big stunts a miss and headed back to the truck and home.

Got home with plenty of time to get cleaned up and go pay my respects to the Vets.

Later at home I called TD to see how their ride went. TD had had an unfortunate accident and really hurt his ankle. That sucks. He's off to Mexico for two weeks now to heal it up though. When he comes back, we build.